Sunday 14 January 2018

Putting Radio Caroline back on 199 metres

Having refurbished our Bush VHF 54 valve wireless to a point where it is now a working radio, I have discovered that the Medium Wave band is a bit of an electromagnetic desert.

The strongest station in our area is something called Talk Sport, which mostly features two guys talking utter cobblers.

So if this old wireless is going to be more than just a piece of furniture, I need to establish my own radio station.

Thursday 11 January 2018

Bush VHF 54 refurb: some new valves

A few spare parts arrived this week, so I made some progress with refurbishing this wireless.

Its now a working set, although there is a lack of sensitivity on all wavebands.

However, I can tune in stations on all three wavebands and the tuning scale is now nicely illuminated.

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Browser Hijack:

I recently came across a smart phone in the throws of a browser hijack.

The user was stuck with a message on the screen and couldn't seem to back out of it.

But as far as I could see, there was a simple way out.

Saturday 6 January 2018

Ethereum: Help! I've been mugged!

So in the early hours of 27th December I was mugged, and the assailant got away with goods worth over £5,000.

The good news is that I was fast asleep at the time, and nobody was harmed.

However, I probably need to back-track and work out what went wrong with my security measures.