Internet Radio URLs

Linux Command-Line Internet Radio using mPlayer


Format for these stations:-

 mplayer -cache 64 -playlist {url}

Radio Caroline

96k aac stream (this is the best quality Caroline stream):-

48k aac stream:-

64k mpeg stream:-

128k mpeg stream:-

mono streams:-



Radio Caroline Flashback

24k mpeg stream:-

64k mpeg stream:-

Radio Caroline North

(from the Ross Revenge studios)

120k stream:-

 (from the Ross Revenge studios via Manx Radio AM)

128k aac stream:-

Planet Rock

48k stream:-
  mplayer -playlist


128k stream:-
  mplayer -playlist

Radio Jackie

128k stream:-

For most BBC streams, some of these options available:-
 .../nonuk/sbr_vlow/... = 48k
 .../nonuk/sbr_low/... = 96k
 .../uk/sbr_med/... = 128k
 .../uk/sbr_high/... = 320k

BBC World Service

BBC Radio 4

BBC Radio 2

Classic FM

Format:  mplayer -cache 128 {url}

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