Friday 8 February 2013

Using A Bird Box Camera: #3 MythBusters

One thing I particularly enjoy about observing garden birds, is witnessing behaviour I've never seen before.

Even better, is when the experts say that a certain kind of bird always does this, but you see one doing the opposite.

When I was a kid, the natural world was expressed in very simple terms. The Lion was the king of the African jungle.

But thanks to hours of observation and filming, often under very difficult conditions, we now know that hyaenas and even buffalo sometimes get the better of lions. And that the largest African animal (the elephant) has to run away from one of the smallest creatures (the bee).

Friday 1 February 2013

Robin Box 2013: Our First [Avian] Visitor

There have been regular nocturnal visits to our robin box by mice since the 9th January.


The mouse or mice in question are probably just foraging for food, as there does not appear to be any attempt to set up home.

But on the last day of January, our camera captured the first bird to visit the box this year ....a robin.