Sunday, 21 July 2013

Yongnuo Wireless Remote Control WR-159

We just bought one of these little wonders for a Canon 1100D. Great price, nice box, but no instructions.

OK, so it may not be the most difficult bit of tech, but I see others on the net searching for an instruction manual, so this may help someone.

I couldn't find a "WR-159" on the Yongnuo website, but they make a YN-159.

According to the Yongnuo website, they seem to be having problems from another company claiming to be them, so maybe we have a fake.

Love the packaging: "Unlimited wonderful"

This device was bought through Amazon from BV & Jo for less than £20. Its actually 2 devices: a transmitter and a receiver.

Receiver with camera cable, and Remote (transmitter)

The receiver plugs into the shutter release via a short cable and a small jack plug, and sits on the camera hot-shoe.

To use the remote in delay mode, set the remote switch to the right (timer icon). Pressing the push-button will operate the shutter after a 3 to 4 second delay.

To operate the shutter without a delay, set the selector to "B" and press the push button. If auto-focus is selected on the camera, the push button operates focus when pressed half way down. Fully depressing this button operates the shutter.

If the camera is also set to "B" ("Bulb" or "Brief" mode), then pressing the push button on the remote will hold the shutter open until it is released.

And finally, on the back of the 2 devices are a bank of 4 switches.

Rear view of receiver & remote

I think these must set the radio frequency. However, the legend "ALL" may indicate that the remote can fire a number of separate devices at the same time.

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