Thursday 6 June 2024

OpenWRT + Plusnet Hub One: #4 the verdict

It's not for me!

It has been an interesting project, but I have had to ditch the OpenWRT software.

As mentioned in the #1 post of this series, I need to use a repeater/extender to overcome a wifi dead-area which just happens to include our study.

Our Joowin repeater seems to work well with our OpenWRT router for (maybe) several days at a time, but then stop providing internet access.

Simply rebooting the Joowin (powering off/on) seems to revive it, until the next time.

OpenWRT have a very active forum. So I described my problem in a post and someone came back with a few suggestions.

After a bit of back & forth with no success, he came to the conclusion that my Joowin was rubbish and suggested I should buy something else to replace it.

I didn't have the heart to point out that this repeater has worked fine without missing a beat on both of my PlusNet routers with standard software.

I invested a few hours changing settings on both Openwrt & Joowin and put up with the problem for about 3 months.

But at the beginning of May I reverted to the Plusnet router with standard software and have effectively been retesting this configuration for the last 5 weeks. This has been a double-check to ensure that the Joowin still doesn't have a problem ...which it doesn't.

Its a shame, but there you are. No point in using OpenWRT if I can't find a solution to my problem. And there is certainly no point in buying another repeater when my rubbish Joowin works fine.

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