Tuesday 2 February 2016

BirdBox 2016: the season has started

I attached my PicaxePi powered bird box to the side of our pergola on Saturday afternoon.

When I checked the system on Sunday afternoon, I found it had been tripped five times.

So has the 2016 season started?

Well there have been some reports of blue tits nest building already, with this voiced as another indication of global warming.

But I think that as there is plenty of food around (at least in our garden), the blue tits have a bit of spare time on their hands, so are checking out suitable sites.

Yesterday the system was tripped 4 or 5 times, but again the birds were just hanging on the front and sticking their heads through the hole.

However, this morning at about 9:15 a blue tit stepped inside for a good look around.

{there should be a video here. Why is it not showing on Firefox?}

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