Tuesday 23 February 2016

Raspberry Pi: stuff I don't need in Jessie

They pack a lot of stuff into the current Raspbian Jessie Full distribution that I have no use for.

The down-side to this is two-fold: a lot of precious space is taken up on the SD card, and updates can take longer than necessary when any of these unused apps get updated.

So this post is just a place to save my list of packages that I'm happy to remove.

The Raspberry Pi is a Computer Science teaching aid, so no surprise that the current Jessie distribution comes with lots on interesting applications to arouse the interest of young students.

However, the stuff I have no need for includes:-
  • Sonic Pi
  • Scratch
  • Squeak 
  • Greenfoot
  • Wolfram
  • Mathematica
  • Dillo

The quickest way to remove this stuff is to open a terminal, then paste-in and run the following command:-

sudo apt-get remove dillo greenfoot nuscratch penguinspuzzle scratch sonic-pi squeak-plugins-scratch squeak-vm supercollider supercollider-common supercollider-server supercollider-supernova supercollider-ide supercollider-language  wolfram-engine

This will free-up about 880MB.

You can then clear another 124MB by running from terminal:-

sudo apt-get autoremove

...and now should have reclaimed over 1GB of SD card space.

At the top of my packages to add back in are; Gambas 3.5.4 (OK, it may be a bit old, but its stable) and Synaptic package manager.


  1. Cool, have used this on my pikrellcam Pi :), so now occupies 3gb of an 8gb sd card

    1. I'm glad this is of some use. There are probably quite a few more packages you could remove if you need more space.

      I'll also be interested to hear how you get on with PiKrellCam.