Friday 27 May 2016

BirdBox2016: quick update

Things seem to be going well with our blue tit family in our Maple Tree bird box.

The adults have turned out to be very good parents and are working flat out to bulk-up their chicks.

They now only have 10 days to stuff themselves with caterpillars before it will be time to leave the safety of the nest and venture outside.

I have been keeping one eye on my barometer, but the atmospheric pressure over the last few days has been fairly steady.

I certainly haven't seen any correlation between feed rate, temperature and air pressure.

The chart showing the average feeds per chick may be a better way to view progress:-

This does assume we have 9 chicks. However, they remain so well hidden in the very deep nest cup that we only ever see a maximum of 7 at any one time.
By the way, I apologise to Mrs Blue Tit for calling it a rubbish nest during the construction phase.

So for now, it is really just a matter of sitting back and watching natures miracle unfold.

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