Monday 7 December 2020

YouTube: no user account required

Up until recently, viewing videos on YouTube was not a problem.


But I now get a Google nag-screen asking me to sign up and log in.

Is there some way around this?

This is part on my on-going experiment to see if I can live my 'internet life' without Google looking over my shoulder. Obviously this blog is an indication that I rely on Google. But I have 4 devices:-

  1. an old Linux laptop that I only use for Blogger 
  2. a new linux laptop that is largely Google free, although I understand that Firefox supply them with usage data
  3. A Huawei tablet that still runs Google Android, because I can't replace the OS. However its not registered with Google Play store and all Google apps have either been deleted or disabled. New apps are from F-Droid
  4. a OnePlus Smartphone running LineageOS (de-Googled OS) and using F-Droid as an app source instead of Google's Playstore

According to the websites that I've been consulting, there is now no way to view YouTube unless you sign in with an account. But for the moment at least, that is not true.

I guess the YouTube API does not require log-in, so there are plenty of apps on F-Droid that could potentially get around this problem. I have just installed the first one I came across: NewPipe Legacy on my Huawei table...


...and it works! ...No log-in required.


YouTube is not the only internet video provider on the internet, but its one of the biggest. However, I'm not a huge YouTube user, so if I couldn't use it for some other reason in the future, it wouldn't really bother me.

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