Sunday 1 June 2014

Portable PiCam: more video

With lots of activity at our bird feeders, it seemed like a nice sunny day to play with my portable PiCam.

Now we are into June, many of our garden birds are bringing their young to the apple tree that supports our collection of hanging bird feeders.

This invariably leads to a certain amount of conflict between different species, and also between grumpy members of the same group.

Using my PiCam to capture 90fps video, I can see a bit more of the birds movements on and around the feeders. In this video clip, a male woodpecker is clearly still collecting peanut fragments in his beak to take back to his young ones.

The video is taken at 90 frames per second and encoded on the RaspberryPi at 25fps (so playback is about 28% of real speed).

In the next clip I've slowed the video down still further to 8fps using Avidemux.

A young blue tit, still being fed by its parents, hangs on to the peanut feeder, not really sure what to do. Fortunately it notices a male woodpecker approach just in time.

You may notice that the woodpecker shuts his eyes as he jabs the peanut feeder, just like a footballer heading a ball.

In this clip an adult blue tit launches itself from the feeder, but then decides its safe to stay. I've reduced the frame rate to 4fps.

Here you can see a male great spotted woodpecker that notices another male approaching. It seems to think it can hide behind the feeder.

The more aggressive male takes control of the peanut feeder, but then decides to run his competitor out of town!

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