Friday 1 February 2013

Robin Box 2013: Our First [Avian] Visitor

There have been regular nocturnal visits to our robin box by mice since the 9th January.


The mouse or mice in question are probably just foraging for food, as there does not appear to be any attempt to set up home.

But on the last day of January, our camera captured the first bird to visit the box this year ....a robin.

Only a week earlier I'd witnessed four robins in the garden around the bird feeders. One pair eventually managed to drive the other two away, so it looks like we now have a resident pair (i.e. male & female).

The nest box is about 3ft off the ground and hidden in ivy which covers a 6ft tree stump, all that remains of a plum tree that I felled 5 or 6 years ago. As it is so close to our garage, I've run the camera cables straight to our equipment in the garage, as you can probably see in this photo, which appears to show a ghostly hand, poised ready to grab the robin. 

(...sorry about the reflections from our double glazed conservatory)

So here is the brief, 5 second video which shows a visit lasting just 30 seconds by one of the robins (the start & stop times can be deduced from the display).

 Video from the Henry's camera

Hopefully this will be the first of many visits over the next few weeks.

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