Sunday 18 February 2024

Its Bee Box Time!

Yep, February has rolled around once again.

Let's get those bee boxes out there, ready for a new season.

Although I had good intentions last year to build a super solitary bee box like the one designed by NestBoxTech, it didn't happen. If fact we ended up buying an RSPB box, but far too late in the spring.

However, this year I'm ready for any leaf-cutter or red mason bees that may come our way. Despite the current wet weather, there could be female mason bees looking for somewhere to lay their eggs during March.


The males, then the females emerge during March and mate. The females lay eggs in suitable holes in the ground or cracks in trees or houses. Each egg is sealed into its new home with pollen and mud before she lays the next egg  ...and repeat.

During the summer, these eggs hatch and the little critters create a cocoon where they over winter, ready to emerge as young bees next March.

The nest can be cleaned out in the autumn (October/November) and the cocoons put into a release box. NestBoxTech's design incorporates a special release box/tray  ...nice!

Years ago we put up a simple diy box stuffed with hollow canes, which also worked well. But a well designed box should allow you to clear all chambers ready for the next season.

More on the Red Mason Bee:

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