Tuesday 7 November 2023

Prostate Cancer: is the fog in my brain clearing?

Another blood test, and another oncology review.


Are my Zolodex side effects wearing off?

So my last Zolodex hormone treatment was back in January. As these were 3 monthly, my system should have started to recover from about the end of April.


I was hoping to see a big improvement during the summer months, but unfortunately I'm still suffering with frequent hot flushes. These are the 'yard stick' I use to determine if I'm making any progress.

During my oncology consultation earlier this year I was told it could take up to 4 months before my system rids itself of Zoladex. Six months on, and this comment now appears over optimistic. I still 'melt down' frequently, and its difficult for me to gauge whether the frequency and/or magnitude is slowly diminishing.

As for the other side effects; fatigue and a fuzzy brain, I think I'm showing some improvement. I seem to be able to apply my mind better to tasks and I'm even considering a new RaspberryPi project for the winter months!

One of my toenails (big-lefty) still refuses to conform to acceptable standards. Instead of growing gradually longer, its been growing steadily thicker. So much so that it was pressing on my shoe upper and causing discomfort.

I tried to file it down with a Swiss/needle file, but it would have taken forever...


...so I eventually gave it a good seeing to with my Dremel!

I'm also suffering a bit with itchy skin in places where moisture gets trapped during a hot flush episode. This is mainly in areas where my legs join my body and also behind my ears. I could certainly do without this!

Blood test results

These result still indicate a very low psa of around 0.02, which is practically in the 'random noise' zone. Only figures greater than 1 will show that there is an upward trend, but for now its looking good.

My testosterone level is still very low which accounts for my fatigue and generally low physical strength. I'll probably only experience a real improvement when this count rises by a few points. However I can walk 10-20,000 steps a day (on level ground) and certainly exceeded 20k on a few occasions, even in the late summer heat of Spain! But I do find inclines and hills far more challenging.

Apart from that, we have had a marvelous year in our new house managing various home improvement projects and walking along the beach.

Life is so good!


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