Monday 14 August 2017

Caroline on Pirate BBC Essex?

On the 14th August 1967 the UK government introduced the Marine Offences Act in a desperate attempt to stop offshore "Pirate" radio stations.

It was pretty successful as, one-by-one, the stations turned off their transmitters and their staff headed for home.

But Caroline didn't stop, and now on the 50th anniversary of this legislation, Caroline is not only transmitting via the web, but also on the Medium Wave radio band!

Its looks like the establishment (and the BBC) have finally forgiven those that dared to challenge the old order.

Its been a weekend of nostalgia for those of a certain age, that grew up to the sounds of Caroline, Radio London, Radio Veronica, RNI and many other stations transmitting from ships and offshore structures such as disused wartime forts around the coast of the Britain & Eire.

Yep! I'm afraid that's me.

At 3pm this afternoon, Caroline became the guest of both BBC Essex Radio (renamed Pirate BBC Essex for this special occasion) and Manx Radio on the Isle of Man. Caroline produced this program using its studio on the MV Ross Revenge, a ship anchored in the River Blackwater in Essex.

Naturally, the age of the internet has now allowed Caroline to reach a global audience. But for Caroline to be transmitting legally on radio via several frequencies in the Medium Wave band (including 219metres/1368kHz), this is quite something.

Don't know the story of Radio Caroline? See my earlier post.

Want to hear Radio Caroline?

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