Saturday 26 August 2023

Skoda Yeti: P20EE & the Emission Control light

We love our Skoda Yeti ...most of the time.


But when we go through a phase of 'dash-board disco' when fault lights come on & stay on, we soon get fed up and start looking at new cars!

When we eventually replace the Yeti, it won't be with another diesel. Ours is a 2015 model, so uses AdBlue as a means of meeting emissions requirements. This means topping up the AdBlue tank every few thousand miles.

When we first bought the car in 2019, we had weeks of problems with the AdBlue warning system, which thought the tank was so low, it threatened to stop running the engine altogether. Eventually the garage fixed it (but I'm not sure they knew how or why).

Since then, I've taken to keeping the AdBlue topped up before the warning light comes on. Don't know if this has helped, but either way this problem has not (touch wood) happened recently.

We also had a problem a couple of years ago with the yellow light that looks like an engine icon. It came on and stayed on. I seem to remember that the dealer may have changed yet another NOx sensor.

This light is generally  referred to as the 'emissions control light'.

At the time, I'd bought a Foseal OBDII gizmo, plugged it into the car and noted the error code: P20EE

Well its back! Although I couldn't find any info on this error code back then, there is now a website with some details:

To summarise: the P20EE code is a diagnostic trouble code that refers to a malfunctioning SCR NOx Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold. This can be caused by a number of problems, but the most common culprits are DPF Filter Element and DEF Fluid related issues.

Yeah, what he said!

It seems to me that this diesel engine is a bit picky about the way its driven. To be fair, that's pretty much what the salesman said back in 2019 when we bought it. He wanted to be sure that we regularly used our car on long runs, preferably on motorways, at speed.

The Yeti has had an easy time for the last few weeks, only doing short runs. So since the engine seems to be running normally, I connected my Foseal gizmo and simply cleared the error...


We've only driven a few hundred miles since then, but we have a few long journeys coming up, so lets see how the little yellow light behaves.

connector location

If you sit upside down in the drivers seat (head where feet should be!) you will see the connector above the throttle pedal.


After connecting the FO-01 and then turning on the ignition, the home screen looks like this;

The Diagnostic menu (4/7)...


...from there you can obviously check for errors and erase them, if you are brave enough!


And there is also a DTC Lookup screen...

...but as a lookup screen, its pretty useless.

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